We have successfully prosecuted and defended appeals of trial court and administrative agency decisions in state and federal courts.  We advocate for our clients in the appellate courts.


We represent clients in state and federal courts in business-related matters, including business controversies, breach of contract claims, corporate and partnership disputes, employment matters, title insurance and other real estate matters, landlord-tenant disputes and product liability and warranty claims.


Our firm represents owners, contractors, developers, design professionals and suppliers in contract drafting, performance, disputes, mechanics’ liens, arbitration, mediation and negotiation.

Employment Claims

Samuels Miller represents employers and employees in discrimination and harassment cases before the Decatur Human Rights Commission, the Illinois Department of Human Rights, the Illinois Human Rights Commission, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and in state and federal courts.  We are well-equipped to vigorously prosecute or defend employment claims or to negotiate a favorable settlement for our clients.

Insurance Defense

Our attorneys provide a wide range of legal defense services to insurers, insureds and self-insured entities, including premises liability, automobile and personal injury claims, insurance coverage litigation, subrogation and declaratory judgments.  We also provide risk assessments for insured and non-insured entities.

Medical Malpractice and Health Care

Samuels Miller represents health care providers, including hospitals, medical groups and physicians, in medical malpractice defense, peer review, disciplinary hearings and medical staff matters.

Personal Injury Claims

Samuels Miller provides effective representation to persons in both large and small injury claims, including cases involving motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death claims and premises liability.

Trust and Estate Litigation

Our firm provides services to beneficiaries and individual and corporate fiduciaries in complex trust and estate litigation.  We represent these clients in will contests, beneficiary disputes, breach of fiduciary duty claims and other controversies.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

We represent individuals, for-profit and not-for-profit entities, municipalities and insurance companies in proceedings before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.  Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the evaluation of claims, including the extent of injuries and medical expenses.  We also provide risk assessments for employers looking to better manage their workers’ compensation program.



Samuels Miller attorneys are involved as arbitrators, mediators and attorneys in Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings in litigation, employment and contract cases.


Arbitration, a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, is a legal technique for the resolution of disputes outside the courts where the parties to a dispute refer a claim to one or more persons, by whose decision they agree to be bound. It is a settlement technique in which a third party reviews a claim and imposes a decision that is legally binding for both sides.  Arbitration is often used for the resolution of underinsured motorist and uninsured motorist claims, contract disputes and consumer and employment matters, where arbitration is mandated by the terms of employment or commercial contracts.


Mediation is another form of Alternative Dispute Resolution used to resolve disputes between two or more parties.  An impartial mediator assists all other parties to negotiate their own settlement.  Mediation has a structure, timetable and dynamics that other negotiation lacks.  The process is private and confidential.  The presence of a mediator is the key distinguishing feature of the process.  There may be no obligation to go to mediation in a litigation or commercial claim, but in some cases, any settlement agreed to by parties in a mediation case will be binding on them.

Samuels Miller Attorneys practicing in this area: